Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

On Being Ready...

We all have those certain goals in our lives where we push it off into the "someday" category. You know the category I'm talking about--the one where you think to yourself, "I'll be ready soon...just not yet."

Maybe it's applying for the job you always wanted. Or traveling around the world. Or going back to school.

Sometimes they are smaller aspirations, but nonetheless important--like applying for a grant, or training for a marathon.

There are certain goals that we tend put off until we're "ready." But the funny thing is, in many cases, you're never ready to do them until you've done them.

"Being ready" is funny like that.

This coming week, we're headed out to Expo West, the largest natural products trade show in the industry. 

All of the buyers from the biggest retailers will be there--as well as tons of bloggers, influencers, and other media outlets.

There's also some of the biggest brands in the industry exhibiting there. Burt's Bees. Badger. Dr Bronner. 

I've been waiting for years to feel ready to exhibit at this show. Even last summer, when the applications were open, I wasn't quite sure we were ready yet. And then, a mentor pushed me. 

"You need to sign up for this show," she said. "This is one of the ways SmartyPits gets introduced to the world. This is one of the ways all the people who should know about it will learn about it."

I felt nervous as I clicked on the application button. And the questions flooded my mind: Can we stand out in a market with over 3,000 exhibitors? Do we have what it takes to wow buyers and media outlets? Will we be able to make the thousands of samples necessary to give to the 80,000+ industry attendees? Are we ready???

And even though my brain was doing a fabulous job at creating heart knew I could click that reply button. On March 8th, we would be ready.

Of course, there's a difference between making a decision out of prudence and making a decision out of fear of failure. But sometimes, committing to something just before you "feel ready" is exactly what makes you truly ready when the time comes. 

Sometimes, being ready to say "yes" is enough.

What do you feel almost ready to do? Today might just be the right day to say "yes." :)

If you happen to be headed to Expo West in Anaheim this week, we'll be in the Hot Products area in the North Hall. You can find us at Booth N1200!

And for all our retail customers, have no fear! Robyn, McKenna, Tyler, and Karina will be holding down the fort at Handcrafted HoneyBee Headquarters and getting your orders out as usual.

Now go have a week of "yes"!