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More Than Just Another Natural Deodorant

SmartyPits was formulated with a purpose

We’re committed to helping you #goaluminumfree for life, because our product is built on a story.

When founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother discovered she had breast cancer, it was through noticing a lump directly underneath her armpit. She had no family history of breast cancer or noted genetic predisposition, so Stacia began to do some research to learn more about risk factors. It was then she learned for the first time about studies which link the aluminum in antiperspirants to breast cancer (as well as Alzheimer’s Disease).

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This Deodorant
Changes Lives!

Our giveback program both donates money to breast cancer research and free deodorant to programs supporting cancer warriors and survivors.
1% from every SmartyPits product sold is donated directly to City of Hope's programs for breast cancer research and education.