Meet the SmartyPits Squad

Meet the SmartyPits Squad

SmartyPits is a small business, which means it is primarily powered by people—individuals who are connected to their work and their community. At SmartyPits, we share in all the successes and failures of our business together, meaning that we wake up for work each day with a truly common sense of purpose. What’s our purpose? To protect your pits in a safe and ethical way, paying it forward to those in need.

So, who are these hard-working people? These individuals who make it their business to craft every single stick of SmartyPits? We asked the team what it meant to them to work for a small business, and here is what they had to say!

SmartyPits is a small business with a big heart! ️ Being part of a team that cares about making a difference in the lives of others is so rewarding. - Amy, Production & Post- Production Assistant 

I love working for SmartyPits because with every stick that we pour, we always keep in mind that we are supporting those currently fighting cancer (and survivors who have beaten cancer!). I'm so proud to work for a company that is supporting the doctors and scientists who are trying to find a cure for breast cancer. - Robyn, Production Lead & Warehouse Manager

I love working with a small business that supports my own mission in life to help people live their best lives. - Penny, Post-Production Assistant

Helping to produce high quality products created from a passionate desire to promote the health of others makes for a meaningful work environment here.  Teamwork is the name of the game in this small business. I love being part of SmartyPits and their amazing products! - Melinda, Production Assistant

The wins and losses in a small business are felt by the whole team and that provides a sense of excitement and satisfaction that you don't gain as a person within a corporation. The story and connection to the mission of SmartyPits is felt deeply by each of us that is a part of the team. Cancer is a disease that can hit anyone at any time. We love bringing a product to market that can help eliminate one more risk factor in the world." - Megan, General Operations Assistant

I love working for a purpose and a goal--and that’s what we do here at SmartyPits. As a small business, we work as a team and build each other up as we work together. I am proud to have a hand in this process!! - Lauren, Post Production Assistant

I love working for a small business because everyone feels like family rather than co-workers. I like working for SmartyPits especially, because through our mission I feel that we are helping to move the world forward. - Karina, Post-Production Assistant Lead & Assistant Warehouse Manager

I love working for SmartyPits because I get a hand in pouring the deodorants that we send out--knowing my work is being sent all over the world is an awesome feeling! - 
Jennifer, Production Assistant

I love working for a small business because it gives me the opportunity to connect with every single one of our customers. It's important to me that our customers are appreciated, heard, and feel like they can always come to us with any questions. Working for SmartyPits means even more than selling a safe deodorant--it means education, support, and continued happiness for every single employee and consumer. - Cierra, Customer Service Lead


So, three cheers for these SmartyPits Squad members, as well as all the other passionate small business owners and workers out there truly impacting their communities. Today is a day to appreciate those amazing efforts that keep these businesses going every single day!

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