Keep Your Feet Smelling Sweet with Our Newest Product!

Keep Your Feet Smelling Sweet with Our Newest Product!

Stinky feet, watch out!

SmartyPits is on the case

At SmartyPits Central, we're constantly working on new ways to kick odor to the curb. And that goes for more than stinky pits.

Deep in our R&D lab, we've been developing an incredible new product. Our mission: to deodorize smelly feet with the same clean, aluminum-free approach we use for controlling underarm odor.

We've recorded some fabulous results after testing it out on several of the stinkiest feet around. Now, it's finally ready for prime-time!

Introducing our new Deodorizing Foot Cream

Powered with zinc oxide and prebiotics, this cream goes on smooth as silk to create an odor shield for your feet. Simply rub a dime-sized amount into each foot until it is fully absorbed and watch stinky foot trouble become a thing of the past!

It's now available in three options:

Our deodorizing foot cream is available for $10.99 and the jar can last for about a month if only the necessary amount is applied daily. But the value of fresh smelling feet can, of course, be priceless. ;-)

Did we mention that every one of our deodorizing foot creams is also hand-poured by the SmartyPits Squad?

Let's be honest. We all know someone who can clear a room every time they take off their shoes. You could literally change their lives (and yours) with this product!

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