Finding Ms. Right - A Customer's 10 Year Journey to Aluminum-Free

Finding Ms. Right - A Customer's 10 Year Journey to Aluminum-Free

This post was written by one of our awesome SmartyPits customers, Tasha. She wrote it after letting us know she had been trying to find a natural deodorant after many years--and many dollars--spent trying to find something that worked with her body. But one of the best parts of Tasha's testimonial is in her tips for supporting success in the aluminum-free journey at the very end. You won't want to miss them!

Finding Ms. Right

by SmartyPits Customer Tasha

After over 10 years of trial and error, I think that I have finally found Ms. Right in a deodorant.

My deodorant journey started sometime in college after I got tired of ruining my white shirts with yellow stains. Even on a normal day, I would drip in sweat and odor. I carried deodorant in my purse, kept an extra in my car, and to this day, I keep an extra stick in my desk at work.

Like most people, I have used the typical drug store brands...and they have all failed.

I've used the drugstore clinical strength brands, too. They've worked for a little while but I ultimately still had the same poor results. I even considered getting surgery to have my sweat glands removed.


Then I started to get armpit lumps, which were small hard knots filled with pus. The pus is basically a result of bacteria clogging your pores (something that can be made even worse when the bacteria has more breeding ground on armpit hair). As you can imagine, these lumps hurt--and if you're not careful, they can become infected.

I'm certain that these lumps came about for me because I would apply deodorant multiple times a day just to keep my armpits dry. Applying new deodorant over old deodorant, in my opinion, is just asking for trouble. And to make things worse, I'd also have itchiness from the bacteria.

I learned that if I scrub my armpits with an exfoliating scrub and apple cider vinegar daily, it made an enormous difference. Scrubbing off the old deodorant, dirt, and bacteria as well as keeping my armpits shaved all helped tremendously.  These days, I always know it is time to shave when I can feel a lump growing.


After I heard news reports saying the aluminum in antiperspirants was linked to breast cancer, my first thought was “Great, now that’s something else to worry about.”

By the time I found SmartyPits, I had gone through 22 natural deodorants. Before that, I went through over 20 aluminum-based antiperspirants.

Searching for the right deodorant was physically painful, time consuming, and expensive. While experimenting with natural deodorants, my armpits had a severe reaction to baking soda (a very common ingredient in natural deodorants). I broke out in a rash and the burning was unbearable.

But because of this, I faced another problem: many natural deodorants without baking soda simply do not control odor. For me, they would work great for a little while, but after 1-2 hours, my body odor was pungent. Sometimes, I would spray perfume on in advance of the deodorant not working.

After a while, I stopped smelling the odor. When my boyfriend would pick me up from work, he would say, “Your deodorant ran out on you again today.” How embarrassing is it to be a working professional, dressed the part, talking the part, and smelling awful?!

That was the point I found SmartyPits' Lavender Rose--I first purchased it from Grove Collaborative. It was a last minute purchase; to be honest, I needed to put something in my cart that was $10 so I could get free shipping. I figured if it did not work that I would just return it. Not only did I not return it, I bought more!


For the first time, I've found a deodorant that works all day and the best part was that it is natural and aluminum-free. SmartyPits Lavender Rose is the best deodorant for me! I am so happy that we've finally met.

Here's Tasha's go-to routine, in her own words:

  • I scrub my armpits daily with an exfoliating scrub and apple cider vinegar. If I miss a day, I have an odor, so I know it works for me.

  • I avoid sleeping in deodorant, my armpits need to breathe!

  • If I had a sweaty day or went to the gym, I use a pH balanced soap to wash my armpits. This helps me get rid of odor. I have only tried this with a feminine wash because it already has those pH-balanced properties.

  • I always keep my armpits shaved.

  • I dry my armpits COMPLETELY before applying deodorant. Even a little water, it makes my sweating worse.

  • Of course, I use SmartyPits Lavender Rose!

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