Become a Pits Prodigy:
4 Easy Hacks for Getting More from Your Deodorant

<b>Become a Pits Prodigy:</b><br>4 Easy Hacks for Getting More from Your Deodorant

Stink and sweat are two unavoidable parts of life. Whether you’re an active athlete or a sedentary telecommuter, keeping your pits dry, fresh, and fragrant is a challenge for almost everyone. Luckily, it’s a struggle you and your body can absolutely keep under control.

A healthy diet and consistent exercise can go a long way in keeping you feeling fresh, but your deodorant is your last line of defense against sweaty and stinky pits. So, it’s important you’re using the right kind in the right way. To help guide you down the path to fresher and happier pits, we’ve put together 4 straightforward tips to get the most of your deodorant:


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Know what you’re buying.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are two very different things. Antiperspirants use aluminum to block up your pores and prevent sweat from escaping your pits. This can be problematic as it stops your sweat from flushing toxins out of your body, causing you to sweat even more in the long run! On top of that, aluminum is harmful to the naturally-occuring good bacteria in your pits, which can help you fight off odor and keep your pits healthy.

Instead, try out an aluminum-free deodorant with the power to keep you smelling fresh, while keeping your pores clear and nurturing a healthy microbiome for your entire body.


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Take it slow.

Many of us apply our deodorant in a hurry. We might be just out of the shower, or bolting out the door for work. Regardless, most deodorant applications include 2-3 frenzied swipes and perhaps a follow-up sniff—nothing more. Your deodorant is much more likely to keep you fully protected if you take the time to apply it slowly and evenly to your entire armpit. If your pits are only partially or thinly covered, then it is probably best to reapply for an even coating that will actually keep you dry.


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Be aware of hairy situations.

 For those of us with hairy pits, the application process can be even more important. Your deodorant works best when it is in direct contact with your skin, which can be difficult when swiping your stick across an armpit with layers of hair. If you’re already applying your deodorant in a hurry, then this problem can get even worse, sometimes rendering your deodorant basically useless. So, when applying your newest stick of SmartyPits, be sure to press down more firmly when running across patches of hair, making sure the deodorant reaches your skin.


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Keep things dry.

It’s common practice to apply your deodorant just after your shower or bath—sometimes almost immediately after you pat yourself down with a towel. As mentioned above, though, your deodorant needs prolonged direct contact with your skin to do its job, and wet skin will prevent any deodorant from reaching your pores and will wick away your initial application before it can really do anything for your pits. So, when applying your deodorant, be sure that your skin is clean and dry.

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