We have suspended the Handcrafted HoneyBee Refer-a-Friend Program.


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For every friend you refer, you get one referred friend point.

What are some of the things you can cash in your points to get?

  • free lip balm
  • free shipping
  • free pit rebalance treatment
  • free mini deodorant four-pack
  • free lip balm trio
  • free kit
  • $50 gift card
And every time you refer a new friend through your link, your friend will automatically get an offer for 15% off their very first Handcrafted HoneyBee purchase as soon as they visit the site. It's a win-win!


    Once you're logged in to your Handcrafted HoneyBee account, click here to access your referral portal. Your portal should look something like this when it first appears:

    Referral Program 

    You'll immediately see how many referred friend points you've earned, and an example will appear of one of the offers you can claim once a few of your referred friends have made purchases!

    Scroll down a bit in the portal and you'll see this:

    Referral Program

    If you want quick access to your unique referral link, there it is! This link is connected to your account only, and it's the way we're able to track the purchases of referred friends back to you. When you make a referral, it must be made via this link or the options below.

    If you'd like to send an email, tweet the link, or post a link to your Facebook page, you can do that too! See that "How it works" button? Go ahead and give it a click, and you'll see this:

    Referral Programs

    This is where you'll once again be able to see and copy your unique referral link, but you can also do a few other things, like:

    • Click on the little envelope to have an email template pop up immediately in your default email system. All you'll have to do is fill in the email address of your friend at the top!
    • Click on the Twitter icon to get a pre-loaded tweet with your unique referral link.
    • Click on the Facebook icon to post your referral link, and add your own personalized message.
    Want a little extra help with ideas, encouragement, or troubleshooting? I've set up a private Facebook group for my referrers only. Come on over and request to join us! (Please note, this is only a group to discuss referral ideas, share success stories, and troubleshoot. It's not meant for product reviews, general inquiries, or non-referral program content.)

      If you're already logged in, click here to access your referral portal now!

      (Please note: if you do not log in/create an account, you will not be able to collect or redeem referral points, nor will the unique referral code above be valid!)