I’ve tried a lot of brands and it is the only one so far that prevents moisture and odor all day without reapplying or irritating my skin. - Dana

Smartypits lemongrass patchouli super strength deodorant with sneakers

Naturally Effective

  • Aluminum-Free


  • Cleansing power of baking soda

    Cleansing power of baking soda

  • Pit Stain-Free

    Pit Stain-Free

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant with a variety of fragrances that will keep your pits protected without staining your clothes, then SmartyPits is here with the answer.

All of our deodorant is 100% aluminum-free and gentle on your skin, while our super-strength formula harnesses the power of baking soda to keep even the most problematic pits protected against odor.

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