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Where is SmartyPits made?

All of our deodorants are completely hand-poured by our SmartyPits Squad in Tehachapi, California. We formulate, melt, mix, pour, and label everything completely in-house!

Where can I purchase your products?

You can always purchase online, but if you'd like to support some local businesses, check out our store finder to find the retail location nearest you. Make sure you call in advance to double check the product you want is in stock!

What is the difference in formulas?

Our standard formula is made with baking soda—we also call it our “extra strength” formula. It’s been tried and true for thousands of customers, and is very effective at controlling odor. However, we’ve found that some of our customer base has baking soda sensitivities. This isn’t a food allergy, but rather has to do with each customer’s particular skin chemistry (and can be a result of everything from diet to hormonal shifts to genetics). Often, customers do not know if they are baking soda sensitive unless they have tried a natural deodorant before and had a reaction. If a customer is baking soda sensitive. It will often manifest as a red, itchy rash. It can also manifest as a darkening or roughening of the skin. This can happen within a day or even over the course of months; the details truly depend on the makeup of the individual.

Because of this possibility, we developed a formula for customers that are baking soda sensitive. This formula contains magnesium instead of baking soda. While still quite effective, a customer may need a second application toward the end of the day if he/she is having a particularly active occasion. It is a great choice for people who know they are baking soda sensitive (we’re getting more and more customers who specifically seek out a baking soda free option!), for younger customers, and for those who already know they have sensitive skin in general.

We also have a cream formula made with zinc oxide, which is vegan, wax-free, ultra smooth in application, and best for the most sensitive skin. Note: this formula does go on white, since zinc oxide is the ingredient found in natural sunscreen--but it is quite effective at odor control!

Is SmartyPits an antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which prohibits approximately 20-30% of the sweat from exiting your body (at least where it’s applied).

SmartyPits is proudly aluminum-free and therefore not an antiperspirant; however, we do include plant-based powders in our formula which help absorb moisture and wick away sweat naturally.

Will SmartyPits stop me from sweating?

No way—and that’s the point! Only aluminum-based antiperspirants can swell in the skin and block sweat (along with other toxins) from exiting the body. However, our plant-based powders do absorb and wick away sweat, so you’ll feel dryer than when using other natural deodorant options like a crystal or spray.

Will SmartyPits stain my clothes?

Staining is pretty rare for SmartyPits. But if staining has been experienced, here are several possibilities of why it might have happened:

    i. Over-application. There may be excess product that is not getting absorbed.

    ii. Laundry detergent. It could be that the combination of the current detergent, our natural ingredients, and unique sweat chemistry is causing buildup.

   iii. Personal body chemistry. Body chemistry is a complex thing, as it has to do with a holistic approach to the body: genetics, diet, environment, and a host of other things that can influence the interaction between an individual’s sweat and the natural ingredients in SmartyPits.

However, as we noted in the beginning, these results are rare!

A few suggestions to help:

    • Consider experimenting with different detergents.

    • If clothes are tight fitting (and especially cotton), you'll want to make sure the deodorant is totally absorbed--it's not going to "dry" as much as it should absorb like a lotion would. We suggest gently swinging your arm forward and back to rub it into the skin after you apply (and before putting on your top), which seems to help it absorb a little more quickly.

    • If you have experienced stains and are looking for solutions to get them out, we've heard that a paste of baking soda and Dawn dish detergent can help with any stains that might have already happened.

Will SmartyPits turn my clothes yellow?

SmartyPits should not stain your clothes yellow. Sometimes, yellow stains in the underarms are experienced by individuals when using commercial antiperspirants. This is due to an interaction between the aluminum salts and sweat on clothing.

Does it last all day?

SmartyPits is effective at controlling body odor all day for regular activity, with no reapplication necessary. For our extra active customers, you may find that you benefit from a quick reapplication after an especially intense workout. While many of our SmartyPits athletes tell us that they do not need to re-apply after a workout, this will probably depend highly on your unique body chemistry and workout style.

How do I know which formula is right for me/which type do I choose?

If you’ve never used a natural deodorant before and don’t have generally sensitive skin, our standard formula is a good place to start! Otherwise, we recommend using our sensitive skin formula if you’ve experienced irritation from other natural deodorants or know you have sensitive skin.

What is phthalate-free fragrance?

Part of what makes other commercial fragrances questionable is the inclusion of phthalates—which can be endocrine disruptors--and parabens. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we’re using the safest, highest-quality ingredients possible. The fragrances we use are all tested as phthalate free, paraben free, propylene glycol free, and cruelty free. The priority of safe ingredients is one of SmartyPits’ most important values.

Why do you use fragrance in some of your collections?

There are many people who choose SmartyPits as their first natural deodorant, and most are switching from a commercial antiperspirant. These customers are accustomed to scents from traditional skin care, hair care and perfumes—and our familiar scents carry a higher weight in their decision to try natural deodorant for the first time. By using phthalate-free, paraben-free fragrance in scents like coconut mango, tweed and spice, cool cucumber, and watermelon (among others), SmartyPits is able to provide a MUCH healthier option for their deodorant choice--especially the aluminum-free part, which is at the core of our brand mission. 

We also realize that some customers prefer to avoid fragrance altogether, which is why we offer our naturally scented collection (scented only with essential oils) as well as an unscented option. That way there’s something for everyone!

I want a deodorant scented with essential oils only. Do you have a deodorant for me?

Absolutely—our naturally scented collection (which includes lavender rose, lemongrass patchouli, rosemary mint, and sweet orange bergamot) are all scented with essential oils only.

I’ve experienced a rash using natural deodorant before. Why is this and will yours do the same?

Often, rashes from natural deodorants can be attributed to baking soda sensitivities. If you’ve gotten a rash in the past from using a natural deodorant (or any sort of itchiness, darkening of skin, or other irritation), we suggest using our sensitive skin formula, which uses magnesium instead of baking soda. 

Is this deodorant just for women?

Definitely not! The formula works just as well for the body chemistry of both women and men, so it really comes down to personal preference for the scents we have in our collections! To find the right SmartyPits for you, here's a link to our SmartyPits Quiz.

Why do you give back to breast cancer research?

The creation of SmartyPits was inspired by founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother, a breast cancer survivor. Because of her mother’s history with breast cancer (which doctors believe was influenced by environmental factors), Stacia is both on a mission to help as many people go aluminum-free as possible AND help support the fight against breast cancer for current cancer warriors. To learn more about the SmartyPits story, click here.

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of SmartyPits is about 18 months.

Why do you have a line for teens—how is it different?

Our SmartyPits Teen line utilizes our sensitive skin formula with magnesium for the changing (and often delicate) needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent skin. We include fun scents like watermelon, pink lemonade, pineapple mango, and more that are geared toward a younger palette; we also have a slightly smaller tube (1.76oz) as younger wearers may not be applying as often in the early days of wearing deodorant.

Can my child use SmartyPits? Is it safe for them?

We recommend either our sensitive skin formula or our SmartyPits Teen for younger skin. Children and young women/men can have greater sensitivities during the tween/teen years, and the baking soda in our standard formula may not be the best fit for the needs of their changing bodies. You can find our sensitive skin collection here and our SmartyPits Teen collection here.

What suggestions would you have for someone transitioning to natural deodorant for the first time? Is there a detox period?

People transitioning from an aluminum-based antiperspirant may experience a bit of a transition period as their body becomes accustomed to wearing a natural deodorant. Since some people to react to aluminum-blocked sweat ducts by producing more sweat, it may take a few days for the body to realize it doesn’t have to work as hard to get the sweat past the aluminum barrier that was previously there; as a result, sometimes people note there is a period where they feel sweatier for a short period of time (a few days to a week).

Our customers report this is typically quite temporary! While odor control shouldn’t typically be a problem during this time with SmartyPits, if you find you are needing extra help, our Pit Rebalancing Mask is an effective way to provide extra assistance with the transition.

How much deodorant do I need to apply?

While this is very much a personal preference, overapplication can certainly lead to lack of total absorption (and therefore unnecessary pilling or clumping of excess deodorant). We personally recommend turning your dial up until the stick is about 1/8” (1mm) above the tube, and then applying between 2-4 “swipes” of SmartyPits per underarm.

I’m a guy and have had issues with other natural deodorants pulling on my armpit hair. Does this happen with SmartyPits and what do you suggest?

One of our co-founders, Robert, has a special suggestion for our male customers: “Men have specific needs with natural deodorant because of our armpit hair,” he says. “The best way to work with this is to swipe the deodorant in one direction rather than back and forth. Trimming armpit hair just a bit can also help a ton, as you’re able to get more deodorant directly on the skin. The more deodorant can get on the skin rather than simply on the hair, the more effective the deodorant will be.” Thanks Robert!

Does SmartyPits work for everyone?

The efficacy of natural deodorant—whether it’s SmartyPits or another brand—is dependent upon many factors. Diet, exercise level, and personal body chemistry can all play a role in how your body responds to different natural deodorants.

Because of this, there is not one natural deodorant on the market that is going to work for every single person.

That being said, we’re proud to know that we have had many customers tell us that SmartyPits works better for them than any other aluminum free deodorant on the market. With over 600 positive reviews on our website, a high repeat customer rate, and hundreds of retail locations across the country choosing to carry SmartyPits as their aluminum free deodorant choice, SmartyPits is one of the most effective natural deodorants available.

Also keep in mind that SmartyPits has different formulas for different skin types—choosing the one that’s right for you is an important factor in your experience. If you need help choosing the best SmartyPits for you, we’re here to help! You can reach out to us at hello@smartypits.com or take our quiz from our SmartyPits Concierge.

Why do you use a prebiotic?

Sweat is naturally odorless; rather, certain bacteria on your skin causes odor as it metabolizes your sweat. Prebiotics, which are plant-based food for the good bacteria already present on your natural skin biome, helps to essentially give a “power boost” to the good guys so they can overpower the bad guys. We want to do all we can to keep those odor-causing bacteria at bay!

How long will one stick last when I use it?

This depends quite a bit on how often you use it and how much you apply each time. We have some customers that buy every month, and some that buy every four months. The most typical frequency people purchase is every 8-10 weeks.

Does one scent work better than another?

The formulas remain the same across scent collections, so there isn’t any difference in the general efficacy of the formula between scents; however, personal body chemistry does play a large role in how a scent will smell on your skin (just like perfume!). So while there isn’t one particular scent that works better than another in general, there may be some scents that smell a bit better with your body chemistry than others. Our mini SmartyPits is a great way to try out different scents and find the ones that are right for you!

Why is the texture different than traditional antiperspirants?

We use natural oils, butters, and waxes in our formula—no propylene glycol at all. Because of this, it won’t have a gel-like “glide” that many commercial antiperspirants have—but that’s okay! Many of our customers note they just have to get used to a feel that is more like a solid lotion bar than a slippery gel. In fact, this often means less needs to be applied for efficacy!

What's up with staying away from aluminum?

-Here are some sobering statistics:
1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over her lifetime. Sadly, approximately 252,710 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

-This 2014 report points the finger at aluminum as one of the suspects, noting its carcinogenic properties and how the presence of aluminum in the human breast influences metastatic properties. Thus, it concludes, "reducing the concentration of this metal in antiperspirants is a matter of urgency."

-In addition, some studies have also shown that aluminum is elevated in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

-Founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother is a breast cancer survivor who found the cancerous lump right next to her armpit. You can read more about her story here {LINK}. Her experience is the inspiration behind SmartyPits, and the reason our mission is to help the world go aluminum free, one stick at a time.

Can I get through the pit detox period faster?

Since the intensity and length of a “detox” is highly personal experience, your own detox journey isn’t necessarily something that you can anticipate ahead of time. That being said, there are a few things that will help anyone looking to have a smoother transiting to going aluminum free:

    • Drink lots of water

    • Wear loose-fitting clothing (this will help avoid yellow staining as your body flushes out the aluminum salts)

    • Eat foods with minimal sugar, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid alcohol

    • Consider using some sort of clay treatment for your underarms. SmartyPits has an option here, but no matter what clay treatment you end up considering, using apple cider vinegar as one of your liquids is an important factor

    • You might also benefit from the use of a charcoal soap during this time as well. Charcoal can actively pull out dirt and oil from the pores.


Can I add a discount code to my subscription order?

Regretfully, due to free shipping and a reduced price already being applied to the order, we are unable to add extra discount codes to subscription orders.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can absolutely cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to do so yourself, you can log into your account and then click on the “Manage Subscription” link under your name; or, if you’d like, we can take care of it for you as well. Simply reach out to us at hello@smartypits.com and we’d be happy to assist you.

Help—I can’t log in.

It’s possible that your account invite was sent but wound up in spam. Send over an email to us at hello@smartypits.com and we’ll help either re-send the account invite or reset your password—whatever you need!


How long does it take to ship?

 We do our best to ship out orders within 2 business days of placement, often much sooner. Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information via the email you submitted with your order.

How do I change my subscription/adjust delivery frequency/swap my scents?

If you wish to change anything about your subscription (frequency, scent, formula, payment method), you can do so at your convenience by logging into your account and then clicking on the “Manage Subscription” link under your name. If you are having trouble logging into your account or if your password was never set up, reach out to us at hello@smartypits.com and we can help.

My order was damaged in transit. What should I do?

Please reach out to us at hello@smartypits.com within 3 business days of the receipt of your package with a picture and description of how your order arrived. While we don’t have much control over what happens after a package leaves our warehouse, we’ll still do our best to make it right with you!

My order shows up as delivered but I never got it. What should I do?

Occasionally mail carriers can accidentally deliver to the wrong house, so it might be helpful to check with your neighbors before moving forward with a stolen package report; however, if you do believe your package was stolen, please contact us with a Police Report Number once you have contacted authorities about the suspected theft. Once we have a Police Report Number, we can file that number with the carrier for reimbursement, and we will send out a replacement package to you at no cost.


Do you accept returns?

We want you to be happy with your purchase – after all, you've entrusted us with your money and your skin! If for any reason you're not completely happy with the efficacy of your deodorant within 30 days of purchase, contact us at hello@smartypits.com. We'll work with you towards a solution that we guarantee will leave you happy with your SmartyPits experience or we'll refund your purchase. Please see our return policy here.

**Please Note: While our happiness guarantee applies to how well SmartyPits works for you, we aren't able to refund or exchange due to scent preference. We do, however, have our mini size SmartyPits for you to try out scents before investing in a larger size!

How do I initiate an exchange or return?

Contact us at hello@smartypits.com and we can assist you. For more information, you can find our return policy here .


I’d love to sell SmartyPits—how do I set up a wholesale account?

Fill out our wholesale application form by clicking on the Wholesale link in the footer (or going here) and we’ll connect you with the person you need to talk to in order to get your started in your area! Please note that wholesale accounts are only available to re-sellers with a valid state resellers number.


I need some advice. Is there a way I can talk to someone about my pit problems?

Yes! We love talking about all things having to do with pits! Simply reach out to us at hello@smartypits.com and someone will be in touch with you.

Do you have a refill program for the sticks?

We aren’t able to re-use the sticks do to an inability to completely clean a used stick according to the FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Because of this, we encourage you recyle your used stick with a local curbside service (all materials are 100% recyclable). 

And keep checking back with us...we're working on an in-house recycling program specifically for SmartyPits very soon.

Are your containers BPA free?

Yes, our deodorant tubes are BPA free (and recyclable!).

Still got questions?

If you still have a question we haven’t answered, we’d love to hear from you!
Email us at: hello@smartypits.com