Your purchases made THIS possible…

Your purchases made THIS possible…

Your purchases made a difference.

In October, we had a special scent for Breast Cancer Awareness Month…our special limited edition Cherry Blossom. All the proceeds from every purchase of this special deodorant were set aside for City of Hope, the same hospital that saved my mom's life when she battled breast cancer.

This past week, our donation was officially processed from those purchases, and we raised $970! I was so excited about how much we raised, we decided to throw in an extra $30 to make it an even $1000.

In fact, we decided to have The Handcrafted HoneyBee Co. join Circle 1500, a special group of donors at City of Hope whose donations directly benefit research, screening methods, prevention strategies and survivorship care surrounding women's cancers, including breast cancer. You can see our donation currently up on their page:

The most exciting part about this donation is that City of Hope has let me know that it is going to be matched to make it $2000!

If you'd like to also make a personal donation, all Circle 1500 donations are being match dollar for dollar through the end of 2018. You can make a personal donation here if you are looking for a worthy charitable cause this holiday season. 

But the best news is yet to come. We're going to be working closely with City of Hope moving forward--and we'll will soon have an exciting announcement about how every single SmartyPits purchase in 2018 will have a positive impact on cancer research. Stay tuned for more information on that soon. :)

For now, as we enter this week of giving thanks, I want to thank you for this incredible gift.

Thank you for making a difference in this world--especially for the brave women (and men) battling breast cancer. Thank you for helping to spread the word about SmartyPits and our mission to help as many people as possible #goaluminumfree.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.