We’re Supercharging Your Deodorant With This Surprisingly Ordinary Ingredient

We’re Supercharging Your Deodorant With This Surprisingly Ordinary Ingredient

For years now, we’ve been making an aluminum-free deodorant that really works. It’s a mission to help as many people as possible make a healthier choice for odor control.

The cornerstone of that mission has always been learning, because when you know better, you do better. That’s true for our customers, many of them seeking out an alternative to chemical laden commercial antiperspirants. And it’s true for us, as we’ve learned and improved SmartyPits over the years.

By studying the biological reasons behind body odor, we developed a formula to attack the root cause in three ways: absorb and lock away sweat; neutralize odor-causing bacteria; and strengthen your skin’s natural microbiome of good bacteria.

But we’ve never stopped researching and looking for ways to make SmartyPits deodorant even better.

Our most recent research has focused on that third element of odor control—assisting your skin’s own culture of good bacteria. In the past, we included probiotics in SmartyPits to add more good bacteria that aid in the fight against odor. It was an approach that focused on one particular function of skin chemistry.

But what if we could take a more broad-spectrum approach? What if we could work with each person’s unique skin microbiome to supercharge the good bacteria that’s already present? These were the questions that drove our research.

Introducing Prebiotics

Several recent studies and articles pointed us towards the broad-spectrum approach we were looking for—prebiotics.

It’s a soluble fiber found in many plants and it acts as a food source for beneficial bacteria. In fact, you likely consume it in many of the foods you enjoy every day. From onions, garlic and legumes to bananas, oatmeal, and honey, we find prebiotics in dozens of ordinary foods.

One particular type of prebiotic known as inulin is converted into short-chain fatty acids by the good bacteria found in your gut and skin flora. This process allows the good bacteria already present on your skin to flourish and creates a less hospitable environment for odor causing bacteria.

By leveraging each person’s unique skin chemistry, we’ve made SmartyPits more effective at keeping body odor in check for an even greater number of people. It’s an improvement that will help even more people go aluminum-free, without sacrificing all-day odor control.