The Smart Choice for a Healthy Body & Brain

The Smart Choice for a Healthy Body & Brain

Chemistry is more than just the class you took in school. It's more than test tubes, lab coats & Bunsen burners.

Chemistry is everywhere around us. It's intimately intertwined with biology, geology, physics & mathematics. Ever-present in the natural world, full of complexity & wonder.

Every single body has a particular chemistry, the product of all the subtle differences in our genetic makeup, environment, diet, state of health, level of activity, and stage of life. Chemistry isn't just a set of facts in a textbook. It goes right down to your very skin.

And there's a natural probiotic deodorant that offers you smart choices for your unique body chemistry.

New Look. New Name. Same Great Product!

Starting April 18th, there's a new look for SmartyPits™ probiotic deodorant by Handcrafted HoneyBee.

It's still the same tried-and-true formulation we've sold to thousands of customers over the years. You can still find all of your favorite scents. You can still choose a magnesium stick for a great baking soda free option.

But if you're a deodorant subscriber, you're going to start receiving some smart new benefits with SmartyPits™!

It's Good to Be a SmartyPits Subscriber

We launched our deodorant subscription service nearly one year ago. With the ability to set up regular deliveries, customers never have to worry about running out of their favorite deodorant again. It's easy to change your account settings, whether you're changing the delivery frequency or switching over to a different scent or formula.

And it's just about to get even better.

Beginning on April 18th, you'll receive free shipping in the U.S. every time your deodorant subscription ships. You'll likely save money compared to your current subscription cost. But even better, you'll never get hit with unexpected increases in shipping rates—we've got that covered for you!

From time to time, we'll also surprise SmartyPits™ deodorant subscribers with free upgrades. We've got a few new product ideas in the works, including pre-shave aloe cream, underarm rebalancing treatment, and more. And you'll get free sneak peeks if you're signed up for regular deodorant deliveries.

Setting up a subscription couldn't be easier! Just choose a deodorant that's right for you and select the Subscribe and Save option.

SmartyPits: The Smart Choice for a Healthy Body & Brain

Happiness Guaranteed

Whether you set up a subscription or purchase an individual deodorant, you're going to love SmartyPits™. On the website and in your order, we'll share information with you that you can use to improve your health and feed your mind.

And as always, our deodorants will remain:

  • aluminum-free
  • paraben-free
  • phthalate-free
  • Triclosan-free
  • free of propylene glycol
  • talc-free
  • alcohol-free
  • and free of estrogen mimicking petroleum-based synthetics

We are on a mission to help women and men say no to those aluminum laden commercial antiperspirants. It's incredibly important to me that you find an aluminum free deodorant that's right for you. 

That's why Handcrafted HoneyBee offers a Happiness Guarantee on all of our deodorants. If for any reason you're not completely happy within 60 days of receiving our deodorant, contact us. We'll work with you towards a solution or we'll refund the cost of your purchase.

It has never been a better time to try out a natural probiotic deodorant that really works! With free shipping, surprise upgrades and happiness guaranteed, SmartyPits™ really is the smart choice.