SmartyPits Science: How We Help Your Microbiome Keep You Fresh

SmartyPits Science: How We Help Your Microbiome Keep You Fresh

We believe all of your personal hygiene choices, including your choice of deodorant, can have a lasting effect on your overall health. Everything you put on your body or in your body has an impact on how you feel and how your body is operating. Unfortunately, your average antiperspirant works against your body, utilizing traces of aluminum, abrasive chemicals, and phthalates-based fragrances to keep things “clean.” Fortunately, SmartyPits works with your body to keep your pits fully protected without any unnecessary interference.

How do we do it? We harness and support the science of your microbiome using four key principles:

  1. SmartyPits works with your microbiome--not against it. When it comes to protecting your pits, the enemy isn’t’s bacteria. In fact, sweat is naturally odorless. It’s the “bad” bacteria that produces your body odor as it metabolizes the sweat in your armpits, meaning that the most effective deodorants attempt to influence the levels and types of bacteria on your skin, instead of simply masking your smell. Your collective level of good bacteria and bad bacteria—also known as your “microbiome”—is crucial to this entire process and the focus of SmartyPits protection.

  2. SmartyPits uses prebiotics to nourish good bacteria and crowd out bad bacteria. When SmartyPits is focusing on your microbiome, it uses prebiotics to help your good-smelling bacteria outnumber your bad-smelling bacteria. The prebiotics in our formula act as “food” for the good bacteria of your microbiome, helping them flourish and pushing aside the bacteria that generates your body odor. Our naturally-occurring prebiotics are derived from chicory root, and SmartyPits deodorant brings that power directly to your pits!

  3. SmartyPits offers both baking soda and baking soda-free alternatives. In our research, we have discovered that, while some pits react well to the cleaning power of baking soda, other armpit microbiomes are more sensitive and become irritated or inflamed. So, SmartyPits makes sure you and your body are fighting on the same side by offering both super-strength and sensitive-skin formulas, designed with or without baking soda. These options help keep your deodorant powerful for your pits, while maintaining its complementary partnership with your own natural microbiome.

  4. SmartyPits crafts scents that do not interfere with your microbiome. The final component of your deodorant that can interfere with your microbiome is the fragrance, which is often made of phthalates and petroleum. These unnatural scents cloud up the environment for your good bacteria, making it easier for your bad-smelling bacteria to multiply and metabolize your sweat. On the other hand, each SmartyPits scent was created with your microbiome in mind, meaning it can provide you with natural scents that do a lot more than just mask your body odor. On top of that, we offer a whole line of scents created entirely through essential oils, keeping your microbiome as stable as possible.

At SmartyPits, we’re here to keep your microbiome working for you and your pits. Perhaps the most empowering part of choosing aluminum-free deodorant is accepting your body’s ability to regulate itself and exist naturally. Our aluminum-free SmartyPits formula, complete with prebiotics and phthalate-free fragrances/essential oils, is designed to work with the bacteria already on your skin to keep your pits fresh and unfettered.

If you’re wondering which aluminum-free SmartyPits deodorant is best for you, take our quiz to find your perfect pit protection!