Exfoliating Your Pits

<b>SmartyTips:</b> <br>Exfoliating Your Pits

Exfoliating on a regular basis is an important part of any skincare routine - even for your pits! 

We love a sugar-based scrub because sugar is more gentle on your skin than a salt-based scrub which is important to note if you have sensitive skin. 

If you do a quick internet search, there are a lot of recipes for sugar scrubs – and for good reason! A sugar scrub is a great, natural, less abrasive exfoliant that gets the job done. Sugar scrubs can help brighten skin and help fight the look of aging.

For your armpits, exfoliating is great for removing the buildup of dead skin cells as well as excess/old deodorant. A build-up of old deodorant can actually cause your newly applied deodorant to not work as well, leaving you a little stinkier than usual.

Sugar Scrub Recipe:
Equal parts Straight cane sugar + olive oil or grapeseed oil
A few drops of your favorite  essential oil (we like lavender or rosemary)

Make sure the sugar, oil, and essential oils are fully mixed. This recipe has a shelf life about as long as the oil you decide to use (you can go by the “best by” date on the bottle)--with one important caveat: make sure no water enters your storage container. This is especially important if you store your scrub in the bathroom! Water can introduce bacteria, which is always a bad thing for DIY skin care unless you’re using a proper preservative.

Once your scrub is ready, gently rub a small dollop on your underarm area. Leaving the sugar scrub on your body for 1-3 minutes will help moisturize your skin as well. Then, simply rinse it off! If you want to wash with soap after, you can--but it’s completely optional. If you like the soft silkiness that comes with that post-scrub glow, you can forego the soap. 

We recommend working this into your skincare routine on a weekly basis, but we have customers that do 2-3 times a week! It all depends on what works best for your skin chemistry.

If you haven’t exfoliated for a while and you’re noticing a little extra stink coming from your armpits, it may not be that your deodorant isn’t working--it may just mean that you need a little exfoliation! Give it a try and see how it goes.