Our Deodorant Cream is Going on Spring Break

Our Deodorant Cream is Going on Spring Break

Spring is here!

I know it's hard to believe with the winter we've had, but it's about to start getting warm in your part of the country too. And that means one of our products needs to take a little break.

Deodorant Cream Hot Weather Hiatus

Whether you're a huge fan of our deodorant cream or just curious to try it out, time is running out! Unlike our other deodorant formulations, the cream has no beeswax, resulting in a much lower melting point.

And even we can't defy the laws of physics.

This cream is what's known in chemistry as a suspension. With no beeswax to solidify it, the particles of arrowroot powder & zinc oxide remain suspended in the semi-solid cream. 

As temperatures rise above the melting point of the cream, that suspension can 'break' causing all the ingredients to separate.

In your house at room temperature, your cream should do fine, but temperatures can get pretty warm in a mailbox or a delivery truck. I always want you to be delighted by everything you purchase from us, and a broken suspension is definitely not delightful!

That's why, on April 1st the deodorant cream is going to take an extended spring/summer vacation. For the rest of March, you can order as much deodorant cream as you need to stock up (while supplies last).

After that, you'll have to wait until the weather cools off in the Fall to purchase more.

PS. If things get particularly warm in your house and your deodorant cream ever experiences partial melting, you can recreate the suspension! Simply tighten the cap and vigorously shake your jar until everything reincorporates. Then place in the fridge to cool for 1-2 hours.

$1.95 Flat Rate Shipping Continues!

Last week, we lowered the cost of flat rate shipping to just $1.95 for a limited time. I asked you to help me keep Tyler busy shipping orders…and boy did you deliver!

This new shipping rate is sticking around for a while longer. After all—a busy Tyler is a happy Tyler!