Make a Difference with Your SmartyPits® Purchase!

Make a Difference with Your SmartyPits® Purchase!

Our donation commitments are both expanding and focusing...

We're excited to officially announce that we've partnered with City of Hope, one of the world's leading research facilities for breast cancer as well as an incredible source of healing and support for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. Now, $0.30 from every stick of our regular size SmartyPits will be donated directly to City of Hope's programs for breast cancer research and education.

These donations help patients like Stacy, whose story is shared by City of Hope below.

We are so proud to support the research and treatment efforts at City of Hope through donating a portion of the sale of SmartyPits.

As you might remember, City of Hope is where my mother received treatment for her breast cancer as well. I'll always be grateful for the caring, meticulously detailed support my mom received (and continues to receive) from her doctors at City of Hope.

In addition to our commitment to City of Hope, we're continuing to set aside a portion of every SmartyPits sale toward being able to provide free deodorant donations to oncology centers, non-profit organizations, and breast cancer support groups around the country.

We are also expanding our efforts this summer to donate any "oops batches" (batches with cosmetic or labeling mishaps, or otherwise unsellable but perfectly good SmartyPits) to a local group working with homeless men and women here in Southern California. More on that soon, too!

Thank you for continuing to help make a difference in real lives with every SmartyPits purchase you make!