A Peek into Our Production Process (part 3)

A Peek into Our Production Process (part 3)

Rack, Lot, & Label

For the last two weeks, I've been giving you a peek inside our manufacturing process. We looked at all how we receive, prep, and transform a collection of natural ingredients into an amazing stick of SmartyPits deodorant.

But the work's far from over! After we pour the deodorant, the tubes cool on our our holding racks.

This is where the pouring order comes in handy. Our post-production squad takes each batch, in turn, to the post-production area, which ensures proper cooling time for later batches.

Members of our post-production team check for quality of cooled deodorant. Does the top look smooth? Is it the right color and texture? They also double-check the deodorant scent and batch quantities against the manufacturing log for that production lot.

The post-production team caps the deodorant. Then we use a fun hand-held machine to print the assigned lot number on each stick.

Next, the team applies the labels. Right now, we don't have any fancy equipment—most of it is done by hand! For team members that are just learning how to label, we have a manual machine that helps apply the labels straight and easily

Finally, we store a sample deodorant from the production lot to maintain quality control even after the deodorant leaves our warehouse. 

Next week, we'll finish up with a look at how that finished deodorant gets from our shelves to your mailbox!

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