A Peek into Our Production Process (part 2)

A Peek into Our Production Process (part 2)

The Pouring Posse

Last week, I started to give you a peek inside our manufacturing process. We looked at all how we receive and prep the natural ingredients that go into every stick of SmartyPits.

Today, I want to show you where the magic happens. With the right equipment and processes, our small but mighty manufacturing team is able to transform those individual ingredients into a silky smooth, odor-busting powerhouse!

We carefully set our melters to warm the waxes and oils at a particular temperature before we mix anything else in. Once the powders are mixed in, a different temperature has to be achieved before pouring. 

But that’s not all! Our team members are carefully trained to recognize when the deodorant mixture has the correct look, smell, and consistency, as well as temperature. All of these parameters have to be just right before the deodorant is ready to pour, and must be maintained until the entire batch is completed.

In the meantime, one of the team is setting up tubes on our prep trays. Each tray is marked carefully with a tag that indicates formula, scent, lot number, and the order in which the tray is poured throughout the day’s production.

When it’s time to pour, our manufacturing team must take care to balance two important factors. They have to pour carefully enough to completely fill each tube without overflowing, but quickly enough so the mixture doesn’t harden in the pouring pitcher. It’s something that definitely takes a bit of skill!

Next time, I'll show you how we take those deodorants and give them their proper look!

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